Easy Recipe: How To Make Protein Ice Cream?

Protein Ice Cream

You probably already know that several brands provide high-protein ice cream substitutes if you’ve recently visited the freezer section of your local grocery store. But if you want to make protein ice cream at home to cut costs or recreate your favorite flavor, TikTok has you covered. Users have been sharing their quick and simple protein ice cream recipes. Given that the topic has received over 80 million app views, it is obvious that the tasty trend is here to stay.

What follows is a recipe for protein ice cream.

Why You’ll Adore Protein Ice Cream?

This inventive new method for increasing your protein intake is the protein ice cream recipe. This ice cream is divine in every way.

No ice cream scoop is required because it is so soft. And each bite melts in your mouth.

Furthermore, this high-protein ice cream is so beneficial to your health that you can eat a few scoops of it for breakfast. After breakfast, ice cream? Your metabolism will definitely get a boost from it!

This ice cream recipe can be made in a variety of ways as well. For an ice cream recipe that isn’t too sweet but still tastes great, keep reading as I share all the different variations, advice, and ideas.

Nutrition Benefits Of High-protein Ice Cream

Although nothing beats traditional ice cream, protein ice cream is an RD-approved way to sneak in extra protein to keep you satisfied and support your muscles and bones. What you put in your protein ice cream can make a huge difference in terms of nutrition. A delicious, nutritious snack or meal can be made by combining fruit, protein powder, Greek yogurt, and cow or nut milk.

According to Lindel, it’s crucial to consume the right amount of protein every day to support your body’s operations. The average adult should consume 0.8 to 1.0 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, according to recommendations. But the answer really is based on the person. Age, sex, health, and level of physical activity are just a few of the variables that can play a role. Protein is essential for growth and development. To develop and maintain bones, muscles, and skin, our bodies require the protein found in our diets.

Lindel suggests including some honey and lots of fruit for natural sweetness. Additionally, some TikTok commenters have mentioned digestive problems caused by xanthan gum (consuming it may cause abdominal pain in some people), but you can omit it or substitute a different thickening agent. An excellent alternative to xanthan gum is chia seeds soaked in water. Chia seeds are an intelligent addition to protein ice cream because they are rich in fiber and a variety of essential nutrients.”Just so you know, if you completely omit these thickening agents, your fro-yo may have more of a smoothie-like texture.

Is This Ice Cream Nutritious?

It’s better to be true! Without refined sugar or artificial preservatives, this ice cream is made with a small number of healthy ingredients. It is still unbelievably delicious despite having more fiber and less sugar than regular ice cream.

With 11 grams of protein per serving, it can stabilize your blood sugar levels and make you feel full rather than hungrier. This recipe is definitely for you if, like me, you could easily consume an entire pint of ice cream in one sitting.


This protein ice cream only contains three components. They’re all readily available and common pantry staples.

Protein Powder

Keto-friendly flavored protein powder serves as the main component of protein ice cream. The flavor I used was chocolate peanut butter.

There is also a cookie dough flavor that tastes fantastic in ice cream.

Coconut Milk

Verify that the coconut milk you use is free of sugar. This ice cream is smooth and velvety thanks to the unsweetened coconut milk.

Vanilla Extract

For a richer flavor throughout the entire bowl of ice cream, use real vanilla extract. Because the protein powder is already flavorful enough, you only need a small amount.


It’s simpler than you might think to make this chocolate protein ice cream. Added details and pictures of the procedure are provided here!

Blend The Ingredients

Use a food processor or a strong blender to combine all the ingredients. The mixture should then be smooth after being blended.

Taste And Adjust

If you think the protein ice cream needs a different flavor, taste it first and then add a little more vanilla extract or powdered sugar substitute.

Freeze The Ice Cream

In the prepared loaf pan, pour the high-protein ice cream.

You are not required to serve right away. For up to six months, keep it frozen.

Serving Suggestions

Scooping protein ice cream into a bowl and garnishing it with your preferred toppings is the ideal serving method.

Chunks or slices of fruit, chocolate syrup, and sugar-free chocolate chips are some of my favorite ice cream toppings.

Even some cookies can be added to your high-protein ice cream. The best choice would be these keto shortbread cookies. Also, you can make keto ice cream sandwiches using this recipe for ice cream!

Serve this ice cream with some salty keto fries or fried cheese sticks for a sweet and salty combination.

The ideal birthday dessert is this ice cream. Along with a slice of decadent chocolate cake or a straightforward carrot cake with layers, serve a scoop of protein ice cream.

Protein Ice Cream

Four Tips For How To Make High-protein Ice Cream

A couple of quick notes on the recipe:

Consistency Comes Down To Protein Powder

Use the proper kind of protein powder for the best consistency. The best outcome will typically come from a whey blend or a whey/casein blend. I’ve been using Level-1 lately to make protein ice cream because it’s higher quality than a lot of the other junk on the market. There are numerous flavors to choose from as well. These days, I’m really into the Ice Cream Sandwich flavor. Also, if you order through this link, you’ll get free priority shipping + a 110% money-back guarantee if you don’t absolutely love it!

Jump On Some Sweet Discounts

For additional choices, products, and awesome discounts, visit my shop page.

Choose With Or Without Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum can be omitted if you’re not a fan (some people say it causes digestive problems). It will still taste fantastic, but the texture won’t be as similar to real ice cream.). You could always add some unflavored yogurt or frozen fruit to restore the texture.

Bring Out The Food Scale

This food scale from Amazon comes highly recommended if you need one. It’s inexpensive and has lasted me for a very long time!

When To Eat Protein Ice Cream?

It’s possible that you’re asking yourself, “Should I have this as dessert since it’s ice cream?” However, it also contains protein; therefore, should I eat it before working out? Yes and yes is my response.

This protein ice cream is delectable enough to sate your ice cream cravings and be enjoyed as an after-dinner treat while still being healthy enough to enjoy after exercise or as a mid-afternoon snack to curb those mid-day cravings.

Protein Ice Cream Storage Techniques

You can either serve this protein ice cream as a soft serve or as scoopable ice cream. Although it’s deliciously frozen and served more like traditional ice cream, I personally prefer eating it right away as soft serve.

Soft Serve: You can spoon the mixture into one or two bowls for a soft serve consistency and serve it right away after processing with your chosen toppings.

Frozen: Transferring the ice cream to a freezer-safe container and freezing it for at least two hours will result in ice cream that can be scooped. I prefer to use a loaf pan lined with parchment paper for this. Scoop the ice cream out of the freezer, top with your preferred toppings, and enjoy when ready. Simply place the ice cream on the counter to thaw for 5 to 10 minutes if it becomes too hard in the freezer before consuming.

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