Easy Recipe: How To Make Ice Cream With Snow?

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When the entire family is stranded at home, snow days can be both enjoyable and exhausting. Give yourself and the children a tasty treat. Take your family outside to make “snow cream,” a seasonal homemade ice cream that’s ideal for the chilly weather. To ensure that everyone has a good time and is happy with their very own snowcream, keep the ingredients close at hand and experiment with different flavors.

What Is Snow Ice Cream?

Ice cream made from snow is exactly what it sounds like. Snow and three other essential ingredients are used to make this ice cream. I grew up eating it after significant snowstorms because it is a traditional Southern treat. Having this chilly, creamy treat makes a snow day even more enjoyable.

Can Snow Be Eaten Safely?

Is snow safe to eat and can you eat fresh snow ice cream? Snow that is brand new and clean must definitely be gathered. (Absolutely, even after the first snowfall!) We accomplish this by placing a bowl outside and gathering the snow as it is freshly falling, or we gather a spot of fresh snow off the top of something (like a table) as soon as it has fallen. You must make a choice, and you eat the snow at your own risk. If you notice any particles in your snow, throw it away. (Never consume contaminated or yellow snow!)

What Distinguishes Snow Ice Cream From Traditional Ice Cream?

Snow ice cream is a lighter and fluffier frozen dessert treat than regular ice cream, which is a more dense and heavy frozen dessert treat. Snow ice cream is made with snow and a few other basic ingredients (such as condensed milk and sugar). Snow ice cream and vanilla ice cream, however, share flavors.

What Ingredients Are In Snow Ice Cream?

I adore how easy-going snow ice cream is! Only four ingredients are required to make it: evaporated milk, sugar, vanilla, and snow! While sugar sweetens it and vanilla adds that nutty vanilla bean flavor you love in vanilla ice cream, evaporated milk will give it a nice, creamy consistency. Since most people already have these ingredients on hand, making a treat when you’re stuck inside doesn’t require you to visit the store.

The Science Of Snow Ice Cream

Our recipe for ice cream in a bag incorporates the concept of freezing point depression. Ice and salt combined in a bag or container create a colder environment that aids in the formation of ice cream.

However, snow ice cream doesn’t contain salt; instead, it’s a tasty treat made from a combination of ingredients that results in a new substance. It’s always entertaining to get kids interested in science through edible experiments.

For Snow Ice Cream, How Much Snow Is Required?

The snow’s own texture has a significant impact on how much there is of it. About 8 cups were ideal because mine when I made it was extra wet and heavy. You may want to add a lot more if your snow is dryer and fluffier. Your best bet is to go by taste and texture; it should be a little thinner than store-bought ice cream but still have some structure to it when scooped. If more snow is required, don’t be afraid to add it.


Snow Ice Cream Recipe

Whether real snow is safe to eat may be a concern for you. Here’s some information I learned about using fresh snow in recipes like this. Consider what you think after reading this article. *You should not eat snow.


  • 8 cups freshly fallen snow
  • 10oz sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Sprinkles


To quickly prepare a batch of snow ice cream, read the detailed instructions below.

STEP 1: Set up a bowl to collect recently fallen snow.

Step two is to scoop 4 cups into a bowl and then top with sweetened condensed milk.

A teaspoon of vanilla extract is added in Step 3 and is thoroughly combined.

Step 4: Your ice cream probably looks soupy. Scoop out using an ice cream scoop after adding an additional 4 cups of fresh snow.

Include your preferred toppings or sprinkles when serving.

Tips And Tricks For Making Snow Ice Cream

  • How much snow you have will determine how much ice cream you need to make. Less will be needed for wet, heavy snow from Indiana than for light, powdery snow from Utah.
  • Little by little, while frequently stirring, add your milk mixture. The snow ice cream has the perfect texture, which makes you think of freshly churned homemade ice cream. It will be slightly thin, more like a milkshake.
  • Allow the kids to assist you in making this dish because it’s so simple to prepare.
  • All of the adorable sprinkles are here to stay.

Is It Possible To Freeze Ice Cream Made Of Snow?

In a freezer-safe container, place any leftover snow ice cream to be frozen. While the flavor will still be enjoyable, the snow cream’s best feature—its light, fluffy texture—will be lost.). So, if you’re wondering if you can freeze snow cream, you can, but it’s preferable to eat it right away. It’s a bad idea because the next day, it really isn’t as good. 

Before we discuss the homemade ice cream with snow recipe, here is some background information that may be helpful if you’ve never heard of this frozen treat. It will also answer any questions you might have about the ingredients.

What Garnishes Can You Add To Snow Ice Cream?

On ice cream snow, you can use any of your favorite ice cream toppings!  You can also add various ice cream toppings in addition to the main ingredients!

Ice cream toppings for snow:

  • Sprinkles
  • a variety of berries (ice cream made with strawberries and snow is delicious!)
  • Bananas
  • Chocolate syrup or a chocolate ice cream drizzle, especially if you want to make chocolate snow ice cream!)
  • M&M candies
  • Chocolate chips
  • Crushed candy canes
  • Maple syrup
  • Lemon zest
  • Marshmallow cream
  • Crushed cookies
  • Nutella
  • Whipped cream
  • Crushed graham crackers
  • Nerds candies
  • Snow cream snow cone syrups (yep, the kind you use for snow cones!))

Consider using well-liked ice cream toppings or creating your own creative recipe or flavor combinations! Each person should receive a portion of the ice cream snow, and they can each add their own toppings.

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