What Does Ube Ice Cream Taste Like?

What Does Ube Ice Cream Taste Like?

Although Ube has been widely popular in countries like the Philippines for many years, there has recently been a surge in favorable press. A root vegetable similar to a yam, Ube is used in both sweet and savory dishes. On Instagram and other social media platforms lately, swirls of vivid purple Ube ice cream have been trending.

How does it compare to the flavors of regular ice cream, though? What does Ube Ice Cream taste like? Ube typically has a mild, sweet flavor. Ube’s flavor is frequently described as mellow, nutty, and almost vanilla-like. All of your inquiries will be fully addressed below.

What Does Ube Ice Cream Taste Like?

Ube ice cream is beginning to appear everywhere, from hip ice cream parlors to Trader Joe’s. Without using vanilla or any other additional flavors to disguise it, this creamy, purple dessert successfully captures the distinct flavor of Ube.

Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines, is where Ube yams were first grown. They are very well-liked there, so if you enjoyed foods from those regions, you have undoubtedly come across this colorful tuber.

Yams and potatoes are frequently used in desserts. Fall favorites like sweet potato pie and candied yams are excellent with ube.


Ube ice cream has a complex flavor, primarily earthy and nutty. The taste is complex and more neutral, with many subtle layers. While it’s not entirely savory, it is not excessively sweet, either. Those who don’t have the biggest sweet tooth but still want a treat are best served by one bright purple scoop.

What Does Ube Ice Cream Taste Like?

Compared to matcha or green tea ice cream, Ube ice cream has similar flavors. It has a mildly sweet, malty, and milky flavor. Some have referred to Ube’s flavor as being an amalgamation of vanilla swirled in with the nutty notes of pistachio. Overall, the flavor is gentle, never overpowering or heady.

Coconut is often found mixed in with Ube ice cream or sprinkled on as a topping. Ube ice cream will be significantly sweetened by the bright, reviving taste of coconut. The two pair well together, cultivating a taste that is tropical yet earthy.


Where you purchase your Ube ice cream will have a significant impact on the texture. For instance, your favorite soft serve shop probably has one that is smooth and creamy.

Ube’s fibrous makeup may cause you to notice that it is noticeably creamier than some other flavors. The texture will resemble that of gelato because there won’t be as many ice crystals.

That fibrous nature, however, will not leave an impact on the texture of your ice cream. The method used to make Ube ice cream will guarantee that the finished product is flawless. However, some yam pieces may contain some leaves, which would cause the texture to break up. It entirely depends on your personal preferences which one you like best.

What is Ube Ice Cream?

In the Philippines, Ube ice cream first appeared around 1922. Using a hand-operated ice cream mixer, milk, sugar, and Ube were combined in the earliest known recipe. The American occupation of the Philippines led to the popularity of ice cream. Beyond the common flavors, people were interested in trying new ones.

As a result, the infamous Ube ice cream flavor was born. Ube is pronounced with an “O” instead of the “U,” i.e., “oh-Beh”. The distinctive purple hue of Ube ice cream is also derived from this purple yam.

What Does Ube Ice Cream Taste Like?

Only Asia—more specifically, the Philippines—is home to the root plant known as Ube. In addition, halo-halo, another adored Filipino dessert, is made with this ice cream. Ube ice cream is mixed with fruit slices, coconut, nata de coco, unsweetened condensed milk, etc.

This results in a rich and scrumptious dessert dish. Ube ice cream has amassed a sizable following in recent years thanks to its alluring color.

How to Preserve Ube for Best Taste?

Many people are unfamiliar with the idea of using Ube, despite the fact that it is a type of root vegetable. Therefore, it might be unclear how exactly Ube needs to be stored. Let me give you some advice on how to store Ube to keep it tasting good and looking fresh.

  1. Ube is typically only offered in frozen form outside of the Philippines. However, the best way to keep fresh Ube from spoiling is to store it in a cool, dark location.
  2. Fresh Ube will last in a cool and dark environment for close to a week.
  3. If you want to keep your fresh Ube for a longer period of time, you can keep it in a cooler environment than room temperature but warmer than the refrigerator.
  4. Fresh Ube can last up to a month under these circumstances.
  5. For two to three months, frozen Ube can be kept carefree in your freezer.

Conclusion: What Does Ube Ice Cream Taste Like?

Nutty, earthy, and subtly sweet would be good descriptions of the flavor profile of Ube ice cream. If you dislike overly sweet ice cream, this is ideal for you. A delectable treat for people who dislike sweetness is also called for by the flavor’s neutrality.


Is Ube Ice Cream Healthy?

According to TIME, this purple yam, which belongs to the same family as sweet potatoes, is mashed and blended into your favorite desserts, including ice cream, frosting, and pies. Like your typical orange yams, Ube—a staple in the Philippines—is a great source of healthy carbs, fiber, vitamins, and potassium.

What Flavors Are in Ube Ice Cream?

Ube has a mild, sweet flavor. It has been described as mellow, nutty, and vanilla-like, likened to a cross between white chocolate, vanilla, and pistachio, with a hint of coconut.

What Does Ube Filling Taste Like?

Ube’s mild, slightly earthy, and nutty flavor makes it easy to incorporate into desserts, and its striking color means it will make any dish instantly more photogenic.

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