Hot Water Or Cold Water: Which Can Remove a Car Dent?

hot water cold water dent removal

In a video that recently reappeared on Facebook, a driver fixes a dent with boiling hot water. Can I fix a dent with cold water, and does it work? We’ll explain how a bowl of boiling water can help you save time, effort, and money in this article.

For car enthusiasts, discovering a dent in their prized vehicle is one of the most upsetting things. A small dent might not seem like a big deal to one person, but it could break someone else’s heart.

No need to worry if you’re sick of that annoying dent remaining on your car. There are reasonably priced and quick ways to fix dents, no matter how big, small, major, or minor they are, how many your car already has, or how they were acquired.

Try one of the following techniques to get rid of the dent(s) in your car today, and the next time, park your car away from risky areas, particularly congested, narrow streets.

How to Remove Dent With Hot Water?

  1. Boil water in a teapot or other utensils
  2. Let it come to a proper rolling boil
  3. Wear a glove
  4. Pour the hot water into the dented area
  5. After pouring the water, release the dent with your hand or another blunt object. Pro Tip – Use a plunger
  6. After you have the bumper in the original position, pour some cold water to help it to retain the shape

With this straightforward DIY method, you ought to be able to remove the dent because the plastic/metal is warm and soft. For plastic bumpers, a single hot water pour is typically sufficient to remove dents. You might need to carry out these procedures more than once in order to get rid of the dent in the metal.

If everything goes according to plan, you should be able to get rid of the dent quickly, easily, and unquestionably for nothing.

Why Does It Work?

Boiling water can make your car’s surface pliable, enabling you to remove the dent and fix it.

Today’s cars typically have plastic bumpers, making dent removal easier. It is simpler to remove or release dents from vehicles with plastic bumpers because plastics are more flexible than other materials.

hot water cold water dent removal

Is It Safe to Remove a Car Door Dent by Using Hot Water?

Technically, the majority of car dents can be repaired with hot water. The procedure described above can be used to get rid of or release dents from your car’s door. One of the easiest and most practical ways to get rid of a dent is this method.

What warnings or risks are there then? Using boiling water on your car door is not advised, even though hot water usually works to fix dents in your car. Hot water may help you remove dents from your car’s doors, but it can also harm other components of the vehicle, such as the windscreen or lock mechanism.

For instance, there is a sudden change in temperature when you use hot water to remove a dent from your car door. Your door’s sliding mechanism may become harmed because your windscreen rests inside it and can develop cracks.

The lock mechanism in your car’s doors is also inside, and putting it in boiling water can make it malfunction technically. If your windscreen or lock mechanism breaks, you might have more damage to fix, which would cost more. These issues can be added to the boiling water dent removal fail to list.

Avoid using hot water to fix dents in your car’s doors at all costs.

Will Boiling Water Damage Car Paint?

Plastic surfaces, for example, can suffer severe damage from boiling water. The chemical makeup of plastics can be altered by hot water, which could be dangerous. You might worry that because you’re using boiling water to remove the dent, the paint on your car might be damaged.

Don’t worry if the idea of doing this yourself makes you nervous. Automobile manufacturers have your back.

Pouring hot water on a car’s paint won’t damage it because manufacturers coat it with finishes that keep it protected and shiny. These coatings provide a thicker layer over the paint, allowing liquids or other substances to slide over the surface without damaging the paint.

Therefore, you can safely pour boiling water over a bumper without risking the paint of your car.


Does Hot Water and Plunger Remove Dents?

The answer is that you can remove dents from your car using both a plunger and hot water. In spite of the fact that you can use them both separately, combining them will yield better results. If you pour hot water on the dented surface, you can use a plunger rather than your hands to remove it.

How to Remove Bumper Dent With Hot Water?

When removing or fixing dents from your car, hot water works well. The procedures listed above can be used to fix dents in both metal and plastic bumpers.

Can I Use Cold Water to Remove the Car Dents?

You can perform this procedure on a small ding either dry or with water that is either cold or room temperature. You can quickly remove the dent because the water aids in the plunger’s ability to form a tight seal. Even the cold water, though, might not be required for small dents.

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