How Long For Beer To Get Cold In Freezer?


If you don’t have cold beer when your friends come to your house, you may wonder how long it takes to chill the beer in the freezer. This article will give you the answer.

Nothing is more pleasant than taking a cup of cold beer on a hot summer day. Consequently, the realization that you have nothing chilled down is equally depressing. You may have just purchased a case of warm beer from the store or you may have finished your last beer. Whatever the cause, it’s never fun to feel panicky when you realize you don’t have a cold. 

While there are many innovations that can help you get a can or bottle of ice cold in just a few minutes, most people only have one reliable way to get things cold—the fridge or the freezer. Further Reading: Can I Put Ice Cubes In Beer?

We all understand that it will take some time for a beer to cool from room temperature to ice cold. But how long does it really take? And how much faster is it to cool your beer? Let’s read this post and know everything about it.

How Long Does It Take Beer To Cool In The Fridge?

Beer bottles or cans at room temperature can be placed directly in the refrigerator if you’re fortunate enough to have planned ahead and have 7-8 hours before you want to drink the beer. Beer will cool from room temperature (roughly 70 degrees) to drinking temperature (approximately 40–45 degrees) in 7-8 hours. You can check out the information about ice beer.

For someone who wants a beer right now or within the next hour, this isn’t a great solution because it takes so long. So, while you use other techniques to quickly chill a beer, be sure to store a few more in the fridge for tomorrow!

In fact, it might make sense to quickly chill a few beers using one of the following methods before storing the remaining beer in the refrigerator to be consumed later if you’re trying to chill an entire case or even a six-pack of beer.

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How Long Does A Beer Take To Cool Down In The Freezer?

Beer’s ability to cool down in a freezer is influenced by both its alcohol content and the freezer’s temperature. A single bottle or can of beer at room temperature (roughly 70 degrees) takes about 40 minutes to reach drinking temperature (roughly 40 to 45 degrees) in a freezer set to zero degrees Fahrenheit, which is the standard temperature for a typical household freezer.

The timing is frequently ideal, leaving just enough time to start dinner or take a shower. At first, the temperature drops rapidly before gradually beginning to rise to the ideal level.

At What Temperature Will Beer Freeze?

A long time in the freezer will cause the beer to start freezing, so take care. Since water freezes at 32 degrees, beer mostly consists of water. An average beer with 5% alcohol by volume freezes at about 27 degrees, although the exact freezing temperature of beer depends on the residual sugars in the beer and the alcohol content. Some beers, particularly those with higher alcohol content, may freeze at lower temperatures. Even alcoholic beverages risk freezing at lower temperatures than 27 degrees, such as those found in a freezer. 

Don’t forget to set a timer and watch that your beer doesn’t get too cold by spending a lot of time in the freezer! If you want to be extra cautious, it might be a good idea to place the glass bottles or cans in plastic bags before freezing them. 

There is a way to speed up the process if 40 minutes seems excessively long. Before putting the can or bottle in the freezer, moisten a few paper towel sheets and wrap them around them. A damp paper towel or cloth wrapped around the glass bottle or metal can reduce the chilling time to around 20 minutes. However, use caution as this technique increases the likelihood that the beer will inadvertently freeze, leading to the bottle or can bursting.

Additionally, it is not a cost-effective way to chill a lot of beer at once. A lot of the paper towels are wet. Beer or other drink in the freezer compared to the fridge?

How Long Does It Take For Beer To Explode In The Freezer?

Beer can explode when it freezes because, like water, it expands when it does. When chilling a glass bottle, this can be quite a mess and potentially dangerous. Beer cannot be kept in a freezer compartment for an extended period of time like a 70-proof liquor can.

To prevent a beer from freezing and exploding, always set a timer when putting it in the freezer. In 20 to 30 minutes, the beer will cool to the proper drinking temperature (40 to 45 degrees) from room temperature (roughly 70 degrees). 

Alcoholic beverages’ precise freezing point is influenced by a few different factors. The short answer is that if you leave beer out for longer than 40 to 60 minutes, you run the risk of ice crystals and ultimately a messy explosion of frozen beer.

A big word of caution: frozen beer that explodes makes a sticky mess of your freezer, in my experience. It’s a big mess that isn’t enjoyable to clean up, so it’s better to avoid this issue. The freeze-thaw cycle harms beer even if the beer in the cans or bottles somehow avoids blowing up.

Are There Quicker Methods Than Freezing a Beer To Cool It?

As was previously mentioned, it is possible to achieve the ideal level of frostiness for your beer without running the risk of it becoming slushy or grainy. Since a lot of the carbonation is lost during the freezing process, slushy beer frequently has a flat flavor if you are unaware of this.

Since you probably don’t want flat, flavorless beer, consider some of the following options:

Salt, Water & Ice

Just some water, ice, and regular salt are needed for this method; no freezer is needed. Water and ice should be added to a container. Some salt should be added. Place your beer bottles or cans inside after that. Due to a phenomenon known as “freezing point depression,” salt significantly lowers the freezing point of your beer compared to simply submerging the cans or bottles in iced water.” Your beer will cool down quickly using this method.

Paper Towel, Water & Freezer

How long should beer stay wrapped in a paper towel in the freezer to chill? Not long at all.

When you only need to cool a few beers, this simple, affordable method works great. You should soak some paper towels or thin kitchen towels in the water. Next, enclose each bottle or can with a towel. Wrap the beer can in as many towels as you can. Afterward, put the beers in the freezer.

Because of the significant temperature differences between the warm beer, cold towel, and freezing air of the freezer, this works so well. Keep an eye on it, but it will be chilled in about 20 minutes. 

Dry Ice Meets Can

The temperature of dry ice, or frozen carbon dioxide, is -110 degrees Fahrenheit (-78.8°C). Dry ice works incredibly well at quickly chilling beer, just like the paper towel method. Don’t forget that dry ice is never a good idea to put in the freezer. Instead, place your dry ice in a cooler and cover it with a thin piece of cardboard. The beers should then be placed on the cardboard to cool. Additionally, the dry ice will keep your beers chilled for a longer time. Use that cooler.


With that knowledge, we believe you are headed in the right direction for beer cooling. We now understand that, given the availability of a freezer, you cannot waste five hours chilling beer in a refrigerator. Nevertheless, if you don’t have a freezer, you can use ice and salty water in a basin.

Finally, we wish you success using the methods that quicken cooling in your freezer. We advise using wet clothing instead of expensive tools like air compressors, drills, or copper foil. If you have any suggestions or queries, please feel free to leave a comment.

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