Do You Wash Towels in Hot Or Cold Water? Towel Washing Guide

Do You Wash Towels in Hot Or Cold Water? Towel Washing Guide

For instructions on how to wash white and colored towels, as well as how to restore the softness of towels for the entire family to enjoy, refer to this step-by-step guide.

Do you use hot or cold water to wash your towels? You should typically wash your towels in either cold or warm water. To clean your towels, just use cold water. Warm water should do the trick if you need to disinfect them. It works to kill microorganisms accumulated over time on the towels and erases every form of unpleasant smell.

Use these simple care tips to help you wash your towels like a pro for ultimate softness.

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Do You Wash Towels in Hot Or Cold Water?

40 degrees is a good temperature for washing towels and sheets, but a wash at 60 degrees will do a better job of eradicating germs. One week’s worth of fresh, clean sheets and towels can be maintained by changing them.

Following the instructions on the care label, towels should be washed in the warmest water possible for the fabric. To wash towels, it is typically advised to use warm or hot water. Use a cycle designed specifically for towels or a regular/standard cycle.

When to Wash Towels in Cold, Hot, Or Warm Water?

Towels should be washed in cold or warm water, as previously mentioned. But does this imply that we should never use hot water on our towels? Surely you must have come across a label on some towels that read “hot water-friendly,” what then do they mean?

Do You Wash Towels in Hot Or Cold Water? Towel Washing Guide

There are specific times when you might have to choose a different water temperature like hot water for instance, over the ideal cold or warm. When your towels are extremely filthy and heavily contaminated with germs and bacteria, hot water is the ideal temperature to soak them in.

How do you know if your towel has bacteria on it? The majority of bacteria and germs that cause disease can be found on a bath towel, according to numerous studies. The longer you use a towel without washing it, the more germs it will collect and the more useless the towel fibers will become.

When your towels reach this stage, they require much more care than just a cold or warm water wash. Actually, the towels now are aching to be refreshed.

Hot water helps in loosening the fibers by softening the ingrained dirt clogging the pores. In addition to that, it eliminates the damp smell and kills bacteria and germs.

However, a first wash and subsequent weekly washes are ideal for using cold water. It’s recommended that you wash brand-new towels before using them. Use cold water and a teeny bit of detergent to complete this. Every kind of dust or debris can be easily removed with cold water, and towels can be thoroughly cleaned.

To periodically clean towels and get rid of common bacteria, use warm water.

How to Wash Towels Correctly?

With some additional advice to keep them looking their best, these straightforward steps explain how to wash bath towels the right way.

What you will need:

  • Laundry Detergent
  • Fabric softener or white vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Bleach or color-safe bleach (ex: “Oxi-Clean” oxygen whitener)
  • Wool laundry balls

Follow these steps to effectively wash your towels and keep them soft:

Do You Wash Towels in Hot Or Cold Water? Towel Washing Guide
  1. Before loading, divide the white towels from the colored towels.
  2. With detergent and non-chlorine bleach as needed, wash white towels in hot water. Warm water, detergent, and color-safe bleach are the best washing options for towels with color.
  3. Avoid using fabric softener or use it every three to four loads. Instead, soften towels with ½ cup of white vinegar with each wash if preferred.
  4. Wash the towels first with just a frac12 cups of baking soda if they have a bad smell. Do a full wash cycle with detergent after that.
  5. Before drying towels, shake them, then put wool dryer balls in the dryer. This will speed up the drying process while also adding fluffiness.

Tips to Keep Your Towels Soft

We’ll explain to you how to maintain soft, fluffy towels for a longer period of time in light of these frequent issues and errors. Use these expert tips to determine the best wash cycle for towels and preserve their color, softness, and absorbency:

  1. If you’re washing towels in cold water, try warm water. Less detergent residue appears on your towels because warmer water absorbs detergent more effectively. For fluffier towels, try switching them up and using warm water in your next load.
  2. Use fabric softener sparingly: To keep towels fluffy, and absorbent, and to minimize residue left behind, add fabric softener every three to four loads. To soften towel fibers and reduce fading, you can also choose to add ½ cup white vinegar to each wash.
  3. White towels can be washed in hot water, but colored towels retain their color best in warm water, so different temperatures should be used when washing them. Warmer temperatures efficiently kill bacteria and germs while cold water washing sufficiently cleans towels.
  4. Since dirt and bacteria can easily spread from grimy clothing to a towel that appears to be relatively clean, it is best to wash towels separately from clothing. Wash towels independently from your clothing to maintain their cleanliness and freshness.
  5. Shake the towels to loosen their fibers before putting them in the dryer to dry them quickly. Dry on a low heat setting, checking at the end to make sure they are completely dry. Unsuitable drying can leave towels wet and vulnerable to mildew.

Conclusion: Soft and Fluffy Towels

In the space of a second, our towels can turn us from healthy to gravely ill. Therefore, I suggest that their proper care be given more serious consideration. It’s not as difficult as we might think to take care of something properly in terms of washing it correctly and general storage and maintenance.

In general, warm water works better at removing some tough stains than hot water, but both can clean as well as long as effective cleaning agents are used and enough time is spent scrubbing.


Should You Wash Towels in Warm Or Hot Water?

Hot water helps to brighten white and light-colored towels for better cleaning. Dark-colored towels should be washed with the warm water setting. In addition to killing bacteria, warm water preserves colors.

What is the Correct Way to Wash Towels?

The best way to wash colored towels is with warm water and color-safe bleach, if necessary. For white towels, use hot water and non-chlorine bleach as needed. To avoid gradual discoloration over time, white towels should be washed separately or with other white items.

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