Can I Eat Ice Cream While Pregnant? Things To Know

can i eat ice cream while pregnant

Read this post to find out which ice creams and toppings to consider and what to avoid while pregnant.

You had no intention of conforming to pregnancy stereotypes. But here you are, about to send your partner out to the store in the middle of the night to get a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream because you are craving it so badly.

But are Ice Creams Safe for Pregnant Women? If the milk and/or eggs used in the ice cream are pasteurized, it is safe to consume during pregnancy.

If you know what to look for, you can still benefit from this comprehensive guide during your pregnancy.

Can I Eat Ice Cream While Pregnant?

Yes, ice cream is safe to eat while pregnant because it contains dairy (milk, cream), sugar, and occasionally eggs. To reduce the chance of bacterial poisoning, milk and eggs should be pasteurized before use.

There are flavors in ice cream that are typically safe to consume while pregnant. Understanding the ingredients and flavors that are used, as well as whether or not they are healthy for you, is crucial.

For instance, if you have a nut or fruit allergy, stay away from fruit-flavored ice cream and any that might have nuts as a topping. Avoid flavors or variations you are unsure of for your own safety.

Additionally, consume ice cream in moderation as a treat. It may not be a good idea to eat too much of these foods.

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How Much Ice Cream Should Pregnant Women Eat in a Day?

can i eat ice cream while pregnant

Ice cream contains a lot of fats and can make you feel colder. If you consume too much of it, your body’s metabolism and digestive system may be hampered. Every so often, you can enjoy it.

A decade or so ago, no one would have ever imagined the flavors of ice cream that are currently offered. However, some flavors, like coffee and green tea, contain caffeine. You should limit how much you eat if you choose one of these flavors, even though the amount of caffeine in them is almost negligible.

Which Types of Ice Cream Are Unsafe During Pregnancy?

Ice cream made with raw (unpasteurized) milk, cream, and/or raw, unpasteurized eggs should not be consumed by pregnant women. Because they frequently contain raw egg or raw egg yolk, even when the milk is pasteurized, the majority of homemade ice cream varieties are therefore unsafe for pregnant women to consume.

Use an eggless recipe or, if you’re making your own, a liquid egg substitute from a reputable company since they’ve been pasteurized. When consuming ice cream that has been produced by someone else (such as at a party or potluck) then ask about the ingredients.

Although it is uncommon, it is possible to find a shop or store that sells homemade ice cream that contains raw milk or eggs (e.g. at farm shops). Avoid any of them made with unpasteurized milk or eggs; always ask first.

Keep in mind the ice creams listed below.

  • Avoid soft serve ice cream and fried ice cream to prevent the risk of infections
  • Since raw eggs are used in the production of homemade ice cream, even those are unsafe for expectant mothers. A branded retailer is preferable if you want ice cream.
  • Examine the ingredients if you decide to purchase cookie dough ice cream. Some brands contain raw eggs, whereas others do not.

Potential Side Effects of Eating Ice Cream While Pregnant

can i eat ice cream while pregnant

You are aware that anything in excess is bad. The same holds true for ice cream. The following problems can result from excessive ice cream consumption.


Since listeria bacteria can survive at very low temperatures, eating ice cream puts you at risk of contracting certain infections. Using unpasteurized milk to make ice cream increases your risk of getting infections.

These infections acquired throughout the course of the pregnancy may have an impact on the development of the placenta, the amniotic fluid, and the baby’s ability to breathe on its own at birth. Stillbirth, miscarriage, and early delivery may also be caused by these.

Weight Gain

Due to ice cream’s high calorie and fat content, if you consume it frequently or in excess, you run the risk of gaining extra weight, which could complicate labor.

Risk of Gestational Diabetes

Since ice cream contains a lot of sugar, having impaired glucose tolerance is more likely. This makes it a poor choice for people with a history of PCOS, pre-diabetes, or diabetes in the family.

Sinusitis and Respiratory Infections

can i eat ice cream while pregnant

The immune system of the pregnant woman is weakened during pregnancy. The risk of allergic and respiratory conditions linked to the sinuses can increase with excessive ice cream consumption.

Things to Keep in Mind While Eating Ice Cream During Pregnancy

You already know that eating ice cream while pregnant is not recommended due to the risks involved, but you can still indulge in it occasionally as long as you make sure it is prepared according to best practices for sanitation. When choosing an ice cream, check these boxes and have fun!

  1. Verify that the ice cream you want to eat is made with pasteurized milk. If the answer is yes, relax and have fun.
  2. Buy ice cream from a reputable store that upholds best practices for hygiene and from a well-known brand.
  3. Avoid purchasing ice cream from fairs and street vendors as the hygiene and sanitation in these settings may not be up to par. Do not forget that even frozen ice cream can harbor bacteria.
  4. We advise you to eat the “low-fat” or “light” ice cream that is widely available today if you want to make healthier decisions. For instance, frozen yogurt ice cream is available for purchase.

Is Store-Bought Or Supermarket Ice Cream Pasteurized?

In general, it’s safe for pregnant women to consume the majority of commercial ice cream. Listeria contamination remains a very remote possibility.

This is due to the fact that listeria can occasionally enter food at any point during the manufacturing and supply chain processes, leading to a number of ice cream recalls in recent years. But the likelihood of this happening continues to be extremely low.

can i eat ice cream while pregnant
  • Blue Bell – at the time of writing their official website has a pregnant lady eating ice cream with the caption ‘Blue Bell stands behind their products as being safe for pregnant women because they are “a second trimester’s persistent craving”!
  • Ben and Jerry’s – uses pasteurized dairy and eggs both in the ice cream and their flavors such as cookie dough. They also use pasteurized ingredients in their lighter Moophoria line. According to their website, all of their ice creams are suitable for consumption by expectant women. If purchasing ice cream from one of their shops, however, stick to regular rather than soft-serve.
  • Tillamook – confirmed on their website that their ice cream (and other products) all contain pasteurized ingredients, including any egg in their recipes.
  • Breyer’s – When I contacted Breyer’s, they responded that their ice cream was produced using pasteurized ingredients and was therefore safe for use during pregnancy.
  • Halo Top – the company has confirmed that they use pasteurized milk and eggs in their ice creams. Halo Top may be appealing to expectant mothers because it contains less sugar and fat than regular ice cream, making it a healthier option during pregnancy.
  • Edy’s / Dreyer’s – when I contacted the company they confirmed “In our facilities, the high-temperature short-time (HTST) method is used to pasteurize all raw dairy products, including skim milk, whole milk, and cream. Additionally, before being delivered to our production facilities, all eggs are pasteurized at the vendor.”
  • Häagen-Dazs – When I contacted Häagen-Dazs, they confirmed that all of their dairy (skim or whole milk, and cream) ingredients are pasteurized using the high temperature, short time method (also known as HTST). Additionally, they pasteurize the cookie dough and fruit purees they use, making all of their flavors safe for expectant mothers to consume.
  • Baskin Robbins – they use pasteurized ingredients in their ice cream products and cakes (including the ‘Since they are safe to eat while pregnant, Baskin Robbins at Home’s line is available. Choose the regular ice cream if you’re shopping rather than the soft-serve.
  • Carte D’or / Walls / Good Humor – these three brands all fall under their parent company, which is Walls/Unilever: All ice cream brands and items produced by the company are pasteurized and safe for expectant mothers.
  • Mackies are a Popular Scottish brand in the UK. It is safe for pregnant women because they use pasteurized ingredients as well.
  • Häagen-Dazs – When I contacted Häagen-Dazs, they confirmed that all of their dairy (skim or whole milk, and cream) ingredients are pasteurized using the high temperature, short time method (also known as HTST). Additionally, all of their flavors are safe for pregnant women to consume because they pasteurize their cookie dough and fruit purees.
  • Turkey Hill uses pasteurized ingredients so it’s also safe for pregnant women to consume.

Conclusion: is Ice Cream Healthy for Pregnancy?

Ice cream is a popular treat for expectant women, but it should only be consumed occasionally. You can escape the stress of being pregnant by eating ice cream. Enjoy it, but be mindful of how much you are eating.

Enjoy ice cream in the same mode as other sweets: on occasion and in moderation. In order to create a healthy eating plan that accommodates your favorite foods while promoting healthy pregnancy, consult a registered dietitian if you’re unsure of how much ice cream is too much.

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